When Should I Re-Handle My Cricket Bat?

When Should I Re-Handle My Cricket Bat?

What should you do if you handle breaks on your cricket bat? It can be a distressing time, we know. You’re scoring runs and in red hot form and suddenly your handle goes and you are short of a cricket bat. The easy option is to go out and buy a new bat. However, if you are in love with your bat (and let’s face it, if you are scoring runs you should treasure it), a simple re-handle will do the trick.

Gray Nicolls Brand Manager Nick Wilton spoke about the why you should re-handle on a recent Facebook Live video.

“If the blade is still in good condition then I would encourage a re-handle. One thing to be aware of when you do get a re-handle is that you often find that just as it is starting to break or loosen up, it often feels that the bat is at its best at that point - it’s just got a little bit more whip to it.

“A lot of our players will come down heartbroken that their handle has completely gone, because they felt that it was definitely at its best just at that point. So, re-handling will stiffen that up a little bit, it will alter the feel that you would have been used to just before that point, but if you like the blade, and there’s nothing wrong or no damage to that area of the bat, then I’d definitely encourage a refurb here. Come through our team, they’ll take care of it and I’d have thought within a couple of days you’ll have that back and it’ll be good as new.”

You can start the re-handle process through this link