Timeless Quality. Our Classic Collection epitomises our brand.

Priyank Panchal
James Sales

The iconic red and silver checks complimenting the natural English willow, shimmering in the sun and off-setting the red flash of Gray-Nicolls down the front and back of the bat.

Streamlined name stickers further enhance the stripped back beauty of this timeless cricket bat.

Engineered For Excellence

Generous spine and big edges combined with mid to high middle creates excellent balance and unbelievable pick up.

A mid-blade profile ensures the bat performs for all style of batters, from fleet-of-feet to quick-of-hand.

The bats offer a sustained sweet spot across the blade, giving ultimate value for shots all around the ground, with a balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile.

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Legend Batting Pads
2600 CGBA20 5212351 Glove Pro Performance Bottom Hand Back
2600 CGBA20 5212351 Glove Pro Performance, Bottom Hand Side
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