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Every batting pad made by Gray-Nicolls. Stride to the crease thinking only about scoring runs wearing our legguards, which are worn with confidence by our international ambassadors playing Test cricket.
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Legend Batting Pads
Legend Batting Pads
CLBA24Legguards Shockwave Pro Pad Main
CLBA24Legguards Shockwave Pro Pad, Front 1
CLBA23Legguards Test 1500 Pad Pair
CLBA23Legguards Test 1500 Pad, Back 1
CLDA22Legguards Pad Vapour Pro Pair
CLDA22Legguards Pad Vapour Pro, Back 1
Test Original 1500 Batting Pads
Test Original 1500 Batting Pads
Black Legend Batting Pads
Black Legend Batting Pads
CLDA24Legguards Tempesta Pro Pad Main
CLDA24Legguards Tempesta Pro Pad, Front 1
Prestige Batting Pads
Prestige Batting Pads
CLFA23Legguards Pro Performance Gem Pad Pair
CLFA23Legguards Pro Performance Gem Pad, Back 1
CLEA23Legguards Club Collection Pad Pair
CLEA23Legguards Club Collection Pad, Back 1
CLCA22Legguards Pad Alpha Pro Pair
CLCA22Legguards Pad Alpha Pro, Back 1
Test Original 750 Batting Pads
Test Original 750 Batting Pads
CLAC22Legguards Pad Select Pair
CLAC22Legguards Pad Select, Back 1
CLBB24Legguards Shockwave Pad Main
CLBB24Legguards Shockwave Pad, Front 1
CLDB22Legguards Pad Vapour Pair
CLDB22Legguards Pad Vapour, Back 1
CLAD22Legguards Pad Ultimate Pair
CLAD22Legguards Pad Ultimate, Back
CLCB22Legguards Pad Alpha Pair
CLCB22Legguards Pad Alpha, Back 1
CLDB24Legguards Tempesta Pad Main
CLDB24Legguards Tempesta Pad, Front 1
CLHB24Legguards GN250 Pad Main
CLHB24Legguards GN250 Pad, Front 1
CLHA24Legguards GN250 Gem Pad Main
CLHA24Legguards GN250 Gem Pad, Back 1
CLEA22Legguards Pad GN 200 Pair
CLEA22Legguards Pad GN 200, Back 1
CLIA23Legguards Power 1.3 Pad Pair
CLIA23Legguards Power 1.3 Pad, Back 1