How much does it cost to play cricket?
The Game 09 Nov 18

How much does it cost to play cricket?

The general perception is that cricket is an expensive game to get into, but that isn’t necessarily true.

For cricketers going to their first session at a young age, you will generally be expected to pay only for the session you attend. This could range from £2 to £5 depending on the running costs of the facility and coaches.

If you want to join a junior cricket club, it is likely you will have to pay a membership fee for the year. Again, prices can vary, but from our experience around £20 can be expected. There will then be a match fee to pay every time your child plays in the match – somewhere between £2 and £5.

When it comes to adult cricket, the price does increase somewhat. Adult memberships can vary in price, but often range between £50 and £100 for the season. The weekly match fee (which should include tea between innings in a full day match) will set you back between £8 and £15. Over a season this cost can add up, but as all cricketers will agree, it is a price worth paying to play the sport you love, and these costs are essential to keep your cricket club running.

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