What to wear to the cricket

What to wear to the cricket

If you are going to a cricket match, we recommend packing for all seasons - jumper, raincoat, trousers, shorts and a t-shirt. Cricket is a summer sport, but, if you live in the United Kingdom, the summer weather is very changeable. Of course, there are heatwaves and days where it’s hotter than Miami, but the majority of the time, the weather forecast is most people’s home page to ensure they are properly attired. 

So what should you wear at the cricket match? We’ve prepared a handy guide for you:

Late April County Championship Match. Cold level: high. Game length: Long

There’s no doubt about it – this could be a cold day. The County season starts in April, and it still is pretty chilly. We advise you wear long trousers, a vest, shirt and jumper. Pack some extra socks for the post-tea session – play could go on ‘til 6.30pm so you’ll need to be fully prepared. A beanie is also recommended – see if you can pick one up from the club shop and show your club loyalties.


July. Test Match at Lord’s. Tradition: Steeped. Weather: Variable.

If you are lucky enough to be a member at Lord’s, you have no choice; blazer and tie is the only way you’ll get into the pavilion. For us mere mortals, it’s nice to enter into the spirit of things. You might consider a light coloured pair of chinos with a dress shirt, preferably in stripes. If you are in the open air stands, we recommend a straw hat to compliment your look. Don’t forget you can take a bottle in with you at the Home of Cricket – consider this when choosing your attire.

August. T20 Blast Match. Temperature: Steamy.

The weather’s hot. The cricket’s hotter. A T20 match is a place to be a bit daring. What daring means is up to you? Vest. Hawaiian shirt. Full fancy dress Smurf outfit. Anything goes at a T20, and the more radical, the better.

See you on the cricket catwalk.