What kind of cricket bat do I need if I'm just starting out?
The Game 15 Oct 18

What kind of cricket bat do I need if I'm just starting out?

Cricket bats are a confusing business. We have a plethora of options available, and they all have their merits. From the smallest junior bats, to the bats that our Test cricketers walk out with, we truly have a bat for everyone.

So if you are just starting out in cricket, which bat is for you? Now, first up, you will want a cricket bat that gives you the performance you need when you are just starting your career. As an adult, perhaps something from our 3 Star or 4 Star collection would be appropriate. For a junior cricketer, depending on size, something from the Shockwave or Supernova collection would be ideal – for instance the Shockwave Power.

These bats are great to start and many players continue to use these for years, but if your looking for something to make you stand out, you don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of a high end bats such as 5 stars, Players, and Pro Performance editions. These more expensive bats with higher quality willow will help you hit further and perform at your best - even if you’re just starting out.


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