How good do I have to be to join my local club?

How good do I have to be to join my local club?

Cricket looks complex, and it certainly can be. There are a ton of rules, loads of nuances, and the technique is tough to get right. So how do you begin to play as a complete beginner?

If you have a youngster looking to start playing for the first time, they are lucky. They are about to begin their journey in the greatest game on earth. With any luck, your child’s school will offer cricket in lessons in the summer term, which will give them a great introduction to the sport.

Are you looking to join a cricket club but worried that your lack of experience will hinder you? Have you little to no cricketing ability but just want to learn, play and have fun? This is more common than you think, and nothing to worry about.

Your local cricket club will be a place that welcomes all newcomers, no matter their standard of play. All members are valued, and there will no doubt be a place for you.

At the majority of clubs there will be more than one team for you to play in – in fact we know of some clubs that run teams on a Saturday alone!

On top of that there are Sunday friendly teams, and teams for midweek T20s and Last Man Stand matches.

It can be daunting joining a club for the first time, but please don’t let your lack of cricketing experience stop you. Being part of a club can be the most rewarding thing, and we urge you to give it a try!