What Kit Do I Need To Play Cricket?

What Kit Do I Need To Play Cricket?

If you are playing hard ball cricket, you will need a lot of equipment to keep you safe. A bat is essential, along with batting pads, gloves and a helmet. We also strongly advise using a box. Read on as we break down the equipment that you need to ensure your safety is maintained.

The first thing you’ll need, of course, is a cricket bat. Luckily for you, Gray-Nicolls has produced the highest quality hand-made cricket bats for centuries! Whether you are a junior playing for the school or a club cricketer, we have a bat for everyone.

Next up, you’ll want some gloves. Fingers are vulnerable things, and if you were to play with your bare hands, it wouldn’t take much to break one. A good pair of batting gloves will offer you fantastic protection against the hard ball, but will never compromise your ability to flex and manoeuvre your hands.

Pads, get your pads! If you enjoy not having bruises on your legs, you’ll want to wear a pair of batting pads. Fast bowling can hurt when it hits you, but not with the right pair of pads on. They should be protective, lightweight and comfortable, which is coincidentally what all Gray-Nicolls pads deliver.

What next? A helmet is essential. It is now under the regulations of the game that all under 18’s must wear a helmet when batting. We have seen too many tragedies and life-altering injuries to take a chance without one.

Once you get outside on the grass, a pair of trainers won’t do for footwear. You need to invest in a pair of spikes that will help you keep your balance, give you support and ensure explosive performance. The new Cage 2.0 from Gray-Nicolls are the latest in the line of innovative cricket shoes that are changing the game, while the Players shoe comes in both a spike and moulded stud.