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For the first time, we are thrilled to present a cricket bat designed with the female player in mind. No longer a one size fits all approach, the GEM has been engineered specifically to suit the needs of women; it’s sure to be a game changer. 



The key thing for us when designing the GEM was not to make this a “bat for girls”, simply by virtue of its colour. The GEM’s stickers stand up to the very best Gray-Nicolls has produced, with stunning decals and an electric blue colourway that has caught the attention of all our pro players. 


The shape of the GEM is designed for power play, with a large hitting zone and mid swell counteracted by a duckbilled toe which ensure a feather-light pick-up. The size of the GEM bat is crucial in how it differs from other bats. We’ve made the blade slightly shorter, the bat fractionally narrower and engineered a super short handle, all contributing to a bat that is easier to wield, has greater speed and that batters will find more responsive than before. GEM is available in three grades: Players, 5Star Lite and 200 grades. 


Finding the perfect bat profile is crucial to maximising your performance. The GEM has a large, mid-blade sweet spot and even spine and edge profiles, perfect for play all-around the wicket.


Batting gloves were a key product to improve in our conversations with our female professional cricketers. For too long they’ve used products which are too long or wide, or been forced in to youth products; no longer is that the case, with narrow fits and shortened straps for a cleaner, more comfortable finish. 

Three pairs of batting gloves come in GEM sizing, to ensure women are well covered in terms of our different protection levels. The GEM Alpha 600 and GEM Vapour 500 batting gloves both give fantastic coverage against fast bowling. 



Getting our new GEM batting pads right was a key development. In our market research, women felt that wearing men’s pads severely affected their ability to run between the wicket, while movement at the crease and comfort were also compromised. The pads in the GEM range are less bulky, lighter, and have shorter straps, each improving the performance and fit of the pads. 

We have added GEM sizing to five of our core family products to ensure there is pad at every protection for women. Alpha Pro GEM is the top-level pad, closely followed the GEM Test Original 760 and the Vapour GEM. 


Testimonial: "Perfect Fit"

They were for my 14 year old daughter. She has super skinny legs, and previously had some junior Kookaburra slim fit pads which allowed her to run properly without the knee rolls bashing together, or that forced her to run with a bandy-legged gait. She's now 5ft 7 and she's grown out of them and the problem we had was finding a pair in an adult size that were slim enough not to cause a problem running. There aren't any "slim fit" pads available this year, and most brands seemed to have adopted a handed approach. We coudn't find anything either handed or ambidextrous that allowed her to run properly. Thanks to Twitter, you suggested the Gem pads, and our stockist ordered a pair for her to try. Out of the packaging they seemed a much closer fit to what we needed, and now we've moulded them for a couple of days with some strapping, they are a perfect fit." Vicky C, NW Leicestershire


All of our professional females will be using the GEM collection this season, including Alice Capsey, Ellie Threlkeld and Lauren Winfield. 


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