Test Level Batting Pads

For those playing at a high level of cricket, a really good pair of batting pads is essential for both protection and mobility. We've collated the best in our collection, arming you with gear good enough for Test cricket.
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Black Legend Batting Pads
Black Legend Batting Pads
CLDB22Legguards Pad Vapour Pair
CLDB22Legguards Pad Vapour, Back 1
CLDA22Legguards Pad Vapour Pro Pair
CLDA22Legguards Pad Vapour Pro, Back 1
CLCB22Legguards Pad Alpha Pair
CLCB22Legguards Pad Alpha, Back 1
CLCA22Legguards Pad Alpha Pro Pair
CLCA22Legguards Pad Alpha Pro, Back 1
CLDC17Pad Velocity XP 550 Back
CLDC17Pad Velocity XP 550 Front
CLDB17Pad Velocity XP 800 Back
CLDB17Pad Velocity XP 800 Front
CLCA18Pad Powerbow6 1500 M_rh Front
CLCA18Pad Powerbow6 1500 M_rh, Back
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Powerbow6 1500 Pads

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CLAD18Pad Select 600 M_rh, Back
CLAD18Pad Select 600 M_rh Front

Select 600 Pads