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  • Gray-Nicolls Cricket Kronus 600 Rh_m Front
  • Gray-Nicolls Cricket Kronus 600 Rh_m, Back
Gray-Nicolls Cricket Kronus 600 Rh_m Front
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Kronus 600 Legguard

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Level - County / Club


  • The pre-shaped knee optimises Poly-Armour and Gel-Zone Technology to offer a comfortable 3D fit.
  • Four vertical HDF bolsters combined with three central cane rods reduce weight.
  • 25mm padded Cashmillon wings with ¾ length Diffuser Foam internals.
  • A hybrid design incorporating a mixture of traditional cane rods and HD Foam offers a lightweight legguard.
  • Soft Feel 30mm Diffuser foam offers a lightweight vertical bolster.