World Mental Health Day
Our Stories 10 Oct 19

World Mental Health Day

Marcus Trescothick is an England and Somerset Cricket legend. With 5,825 Test runs to his name, he goes down as one of the country's great openers, who changed the game at the top of the order. But Marcus is also known for his brave battle with mental illness. His well-publicised fight has allowed countless others to speak about about the issues they face. For World Mental Health Day, we caught up with Marcus to discuss how he got through and his advice for others.


How important were your teammates when you were going through challenging times in your career?

It is really important that you surround yourself with people who support you and who you trust. The best thing I did was when I decided to be honest with my teammates about what I was going through. I didn’t have to hide anymore and they gave me the space I needed, when I needed it.

What advice would you give to anybody struggling with the pressure that comes with the game and bouncing back after injury or defeat?

Find somebody you can trust and who you can talk to. Anybody from a physio, doctor, mentor or a friend.  By talking to somebody you get the thoughts out of your head and you can get some perspective

What would be your advice to promising young players in all sports today re maintaining good mental health and life balance?

Find other things that interest you away from your sport, this will help distract you from the game.  I think it’s very important you have an external focus away from the game so it isn’t the be all and end all!

The Professional Cricket Association was hugely supportive. Within 24 hours of telling them what I was going through I was getting professional help and support.

I still have CBT and see a councillor regularly along with taking medication.


If you need assistance, contact Mind -, or go direct to their information lines -

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