Innovation Lab: Off-Cuts Collection
Our Stories 13 Feb 20

Innovation Lab: Off-Cuts Collection

We sat down with Gray-Nicolls Brand Manager Nick Wilton to talk through the new Off-Cuts Collection as part of our Innovation Lab series.

Tell us about the Off-Cut Collection? 

It’s a really interesting concept this one from us. Every year we sit down and there’s a desire to keep moving the brand forwards. I think we were becoming more and more aware of the wastage that the families generate year on year. This is the first phase of a more sustainable collection from Gray-Nicolls. It’s definitely generated an interesting reaction since the launch.

How did you come up with the concept?

We sit down together as a team and there’s lots of ideas floated around – some good ones, some fall in the slightly outside the box territory, and this definitely fell into that. But as soon as we sampled the glove, it was clear that there was a real energy behind it. It’s a stand-out product, it helps raise awareness of the issue that we feel quite strongly about, and you can just see from the reaction when Phil Salt walked out into that T20 game. It’s a first stage for us and we’re excited to try and bring something new to the market.

Can consumers expect the same high quality?

Of course, we’re not compromising on quality. These are our Prestige Gloves, it’s the glove that Alastair Cook wore for a long time, Jonny Bairstow wears in the Test Match environment, it’s the favourite of a number of our professionals. The consumer is going to benefit from a high-quality product at a slightly reduced price because they’re buying into this idea of using our off-cut material, in something that’s going to really stand out on the pitch. 

Will the colours be the same on every glove?

No, and that’s the added benefit of this product. Every pair is going to be completely unique. We’ve given the freedom to our production team. They’re going to just take the available materials at that time. You notice from this glove already it’s got different tabs, different wristbands, different sidebar materials. You’re going to also have a very, very individual glove. You embrace this idea, you purchase this glove, not only are you going to benefit from a high-quality protection, you’re pretty safe in the knowledge that you’re going to have the only one in this design combination. It’s going to be a unique product.

Is there a desire to go into other products in the Off-Cut family?

It fits perfectly into some of this franchise cricket we’re seeing now. Don’t be surprised to see pretty much all of our ambassadors when it comes to the new hundred ball competition, into T20 franchise cricket that they’re going to go out and use this glove, I just think it fits perfectly with that look, feel and dynamic of that game. It’s surprised us how positive the feedback that we’ve had regarding this, it’s given a re-focus from our design team, and who knows where this might now go, but I think definitely the theory of using an ecological story, a sustainability story in what we are doing with the material, I think will start to filter through and become an important part of Gray-Nicolls.

How many levels is the glove available in?
Two levels – the Prestige gloves, high end specifications so anyone playing a good standard of cricket. We’ve also brought in the Academy. We’re running that in junior sizes as well.

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