Changing The Game: Chloe Brewer Interview
Our Stories 27 May 21

Changing The Game: Chloe Brewer Interview

With the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Trophy starting its second season this weekend (29th May), we caught up with Chloe Brewer, one of the games bright young talents. Brewer made a name for herself in last year's tournanment, topping the South East Stars batting averages.


The Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Trophy kicks off this week, are you looking forward to getting back into action again?

I'm very excited for the second year of the tournament. Last year was my first year in a professional team, so making my professional debut was a really special day for me. There were an unreal amount of nerves going onto the pitch but it was a feeling I won't forget!


What are the stand-out memories from last year?

Having only played two games, the final game of the season at The Oval is a very memorable game, being fortunate enough to play there and also scoring runs was a real personal high. The view from the middle and the walk down onto the field is something that words can't quite describe.


How do you see Star’s chances this season?

I see the Stars as having a really good chance this season, we've trained really hard over the winter in preparation for the season despite some insane circumstances. When we were able to train together again we gelled as a squad really well, which is really important on the field.


How do you feel interest in the women’s cricket has changed over the last few years? Do new tournaments like this help?

Over the last few years the interest in women's cricket has had a massive shift. Having a professional level below England, really helps to improve the standard overall of women's cricket, and showcasing more women's cricket- last year's Final's Day was streamed on Sky Sports, and that really helps reach a wide audience. Young cricketers can have female role models who they can watch play regularly, so tournaments like the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Trophy really does help.


What more can be done to improve coverage and audience consumption of the women’s game? What changes would you like to see happen?

I believe that investment and broadcasting is really increasing and this, understandably, will take some time to reach a regular wide audience. Possibly to speed this along further advertising, is required. It's a very new competition which not many people are aware of, so really reaching a wide audience, gaining supporters and really gaining interest would be brilliant. 


What changes would you like to see come into the game from a product point of view? How well catered for do you feel by cricket manufacturers? What do you want to see more of?

I feel fairly well catered for by manufacturers, especially with Gray-Nicolls who have really taken big strides for inclusivity in their ranges, having their own GEM range specially made for women in cricket. One area I would love to see from manufacturers is them having ranges for women such as the GEM range, and having more women's clothes as wearing mens clothes doesn't do me any favours!

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