Ben Foakes: Ready For The Big Time
Our Stories 10 Nov 18

Ben Foakes: Ready For The Big Time

With cricket at a crossroads, the pull between two generations is apparent. Test cricket battles T20, and power hitters fight for headlines and column inches with the grafters of the game. But there is a middle ground of a player that is as suited to cricket played over three hours as they are to cricket played over five days.

Ben Foakes is the perfect example of one of these players; technically correct, easy on the eye, capable of digging in, but ready to flex his power when required.  In 2017 he was a one-day behemoth, averaging 96 in the One Day Cup while forcing his way into England’s test touring party for the Ashes series. After another strong summer for Surrey, he made his way onto the tour of Sri Lanka and took his chance - hitting a century on his Test Debut!

Assisting him in 2019 will be the Powerbow6X. Designed with players like Foakes in mind, the new Powerbow will give the craftsmen of the game the power they need to dissect the field, or hit over the top, time and time again.

So what does Surrey star Foakes think of his new range? “I think it looks lovely. The last few bats I’ve had from Gray-Nicolls have been a similar sort of theme, and this time the design is a little bit different. It’s a nice change up. It’s bold, but it’s also quite simple, which I think is quite a nice thing. I’m not a massive fan of having too many stickers on a bat, but for me, that’s a perfect amount.”

To return, the Powerbow6X needed to evolve with the game. As cricket continues to develop, batsmen have to adapt, and the 6X will now serve as the perfect partner for those that refuse to compromise precision for power. Let’s get started.

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